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Somatic complaints, Headache/ Migraine / Unexplained pains and aches

(physical complaints about the body)

  • Headaches- Can be due to migraine, chronic tension type headaches, cluster headaches or even due to excessive thoughts and worries of depression and anxiety
  • Repeated Body aches, tiredness, sleeping issues
  • Patients present with repeated headaches for which they have taken painkillers regularly. They have usually done eye check-ups, done a CT scan, have done a BP/ ECG and everything is normal.
  • For bodyache, they might present with tiredness and aches and pains or tingling and numbness. All tests have been done for B12, calcium, thyroid and many doctor’s opinions have been taken
  • Some people present with Gastro-intestinal type problems, such as difficulty in clearing motions, passing repeatedly stools/ urine, or feeling like going to the bathroom repeatedly. Many also present with acidity for which treatment is being taken since many years.

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