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Dementias / Geriatric problems in old age

Age related dementias (forgetfulness) need treatment.70-80 % of dementias are irreversible, but with treatment, the progression of the disease can be delayed from 2- 5 years

10-20 percent are REVERSIBLE and hence it is advisable to seek early treatment.

Also for the behavioural abnormalities seen in dementias, epilepsy(fits) treatment can be given which makes life easier for the patient and the family members such as – excessive irritability, sleeping problems, suspicious of family members, hallucinations, mood disorders

Importance of geriatric psychiatry

The rising number of senior individuals, indicates that we need better understanding of how the process of aging affects the mental health of a person. Common ailments like depression, dementia and stroke are likely to affect a person as he grows old. Such people become helpless in the face of odds and struggle to function normally or to cope with.

Common signs of a mentally affected aged person

Most people over the age of 65 become susceptible to a host of mental and physical illnesses, therefore it is important that we must know the signs of geriatric psychiatry so that we can prevent both patients and caregivers. Signs which can help you identify such an issue

  1. Threatening the safety of the caregivers with objects at their disposal.
  2. Thinking about and even trying to end their lives
  3. Behaving in such a manner that it becomes challenging for the family members and the caregivers.
  4. Showing symptoms which become hard to diagnose as well as treat.
  5. Constantly interfering in the activities of other people.
  6. Shouting and becoming violent.
  7. Saying that they do not require any help even though they are ailing or are in an unsafe condition.

Ways to treat the affected individuals

  1. Older people may have different social, mental and physical needs than younger people. The psychiatrists understand this and aim to offer a comprehensive solution to all the problems faced by the affected individuals.
  2. The treatment plan includes medical treatments for the underlying physical conditions and also gives support for the mental issues by listening to as well as responding to the needs and demands of the sufferer.
  3. A comprehensive treatment program typically comprises of medications, family support, social help, environmental concerns and other things as applicable to help the person live as healthily as possible.

If any of your loved ones is suffering from these problems, you should immediately seek medical aid.

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