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About us

When looking for a psychiatrist doctor in Kolhapur, you need not look further than Dr. Parth Nagda at Nami Neuropsychiatry clinic. Most people when searching for a psychiatrist near me, tend to prefer an easy location. Nami neuropsychiatry clinic is located very accessibly, at Tarabai Park road, besides Gold’s Gym/ Opp.Hong Kong hotel. It’s got easy parking, quick access from the road.

Whether you are looking for treatment for common issues such as headache, management with sleep issues, depression, anxiety, or looking for some help with de-addiction, from alcohol, tobacco etc, to knowing and getting help for uncommon illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or Obsessive Compulsive disorder(OCD), help for everything is available at Nami Neuropsychiatry Clinic.

The clinic is spacious, with social distancing measures followed including hand sanitization of all patients entering the OPD, the staff and appropriate disinfection done regularly.

Ample time is given for discussion of the problem with the patient and an appropriate solution is given with due consideration of all factors such as patient affordability, accessibility and convenience. Further follows-ups can also be done online.

There is also provision for online consultation/ teleconsultation for patients who cannot travel due to lockdown restrictions and also the clinic accepts online payments / wallet payments as well.

Help for children with behavioural problems, ADHD is also available for people looking for a child psychiatrist as well as help for problems of old age such as memory problems(dementia.) When you are looking for the best psychiatrist in Kolhapur, please don’t hesitate to take an opinion first at Nami neuropsychiatry clinic.

Whether you are looking for depression treatments in Kolhapur, schizophrenia treatments in Kolhapur, anxiety treatments in Kolhapur, sexual problem consultants in Kolhapur, sleeping problems treatment in Kolhapur, you need not look further than Dr. Parth Nagda at Nami Neuropsychiatry clinic. Consult Dr. Parth Nagda, for any depression problems if you happen to observe any of these symptoms in your loved ones.

Consulting Charges (First Visit) Rs. 400/-

Follow-up Charges (Every Time) Rs. 200/-